Top 5 Viral reels editing app

Top 5 Best reels editing apps For Android And ios

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Are you looking for Top 5 Best reels editing apps For Android And ios ? So, don’t worry you are in the right place. I have done a lot of research to find the best reels editing apps. And in today’s article I am going to tell you about the best reels video editing apps. My name is anup sagar and I have been doing editing for the last 5 years and after a lot of research. I have come up with this article just for you. I hope after reading this article your problem will be completely solved.

Top 5 Viral reels editing app

Which is the best editor for reels

Friends, in today’s time video has become an important need for everyone. Everyone likes to make videos, whether it is for social media or marriage, making videos for social media is not enough. The more important it is to make a video. Editing the video is many times more important than that. You get to see internet applications or software for video editing. But friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about such a Top 5 Viral reels editing app, which is very cool, and the interface of this App is also very simple. And by using these apps, you can give a good look to your videos. and the best thing is that in these apps the quality of your videos will not be lost at all. I will tell you about all the best reels editing app one by one. so stay with us till the end.

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Top 5 Viral reels editing apps

1:-vn video editor

Top 5 Viral reels editing app

Vn video editor is one of the best app for editing short videos and instagram reels, it is a kind of all in one app. Personally, I edit my own instagram reels videos with this app. In this app you will get all those features which are useful for editing videos. In this you can export the video in 4k according to the capacity of your mobile phone. It does not lose the quality at all while exporting the video. Its interface is very simple, in this you get many filters for your video, which you can apply on the video, the best thing is that you can add colorgrade filters separately. You can also share it with your friends by making a project file of a video. You can also add slow motion & fast motion good video fx to your video. You can add sound to video, add video lear separately, text and many more in it.

Download VN App

Prequel app

Top 5 Viral reels editing app

prequel app is best for Video Colorgrading. In this you can give a wonderful look to your normal video. It is most commonly used to create aesthetic reels video. In this, you already get many tamplates, using which you can add 3D look to your video. All the aesthetic reels that go viral on Instagram are edited from this app only. Unlimited effects are available. You can add sound to the video separately and you get to see many more features. If you do aesthetic video editing, then you must use the preqel app once.

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3:-Cap Cut

Top 5 Viral reels editing app

Capcut is the best app to put great animation in video, in this all the features of vn app are also available. In this you get an effect called 3d zoom pro which is most viral on instagram. Many effects are available to add animation separately to the video. In this, you also get HSL tool along with light, color adjust, which you can do video colorgrading. Different types of body effects, video effects and many more are available. You can remove the background of your video in just one click by using capcut app. You can add blur in the background of the video. Adding cartoon effect to video, stabilizing video, adding motion blur, increasing video quality and many more amazing features can be seen in it.


Top 5 Viral reels editing app

After vn, inshot is also an app in which all the features of editing reels videos are available, which makes it the best reels editing app. In this you get more sound effects than vn. By using inshot, you can convert your video into different frames according to you, you get to see more frames than vn. In this you get many imogi, gif which you can download and use in shot. Good filters are available for videos. And you can also manually adjust the light of the video. I used to use this app for video colourgrading, you get HSL tool which works better than vn app. Good sound effects, voice effects, video effects are also available. The glitch effect for which we need to download apps separately, you can also see them in the inshot app itself. You can also set the resolution of the video according to yourself.

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5:-alight motion

Top 5 Viral reels editing app

Alight Motion App is a type of Video Editing Application. Especially through this application, Trending Video is edited. That is why this application is also known as Trending Video Editing Application. As you all know, small videos have to be edited to make Instagram Reels, and Filters, Effects and many types of Motion Graphics are also added to the video. Alight Motion App is right for all these. Anyone who wants to make any type of Animation Video in Android Device, then Alight Creative Inc. Application is. This is a type of application, and through this app you can do high level video editing.

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These are Top 5 Viral reels editing apps

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