Total Votes of Elvish Yadav and Abhishek

Total Votes of Elvish Yadav and Abhishek ? Who is Winner of Bigg Boss 2023?

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Friends, as you all know, the winner votes list of bigboos has already been out and the one we thought has won. Who has got how many votes and who has won, we are going to tell you everything further, just stay with us till the last. Friends, before this very few people knew about bigboos. But this time everyone has seen OTT Bigboos and it is because of Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav. And since elvish yadav’s wild card entry in bigboos OTT, since then the one who had never seen bigboos has also seen it. Earlier only Tv actress used to come in bigboos but when jio cinema’s rating fell because of punit superstar then bigboos makers understood that now only social media influencer can recover it because their fan following is more than Tv actress. And then elvish yadav’s wild card entry happened. The entire game changed as soon as Elvish Yadav entered. Those who were earlier considering Abhishek Malhan as the winner of OTT, now started considering Elvish Yadav as the winner.

who is winner bigg boss ott 2 ?

Friends, every contestants have got votes according to their fan following, some are in crores and some are only in thousand.

Elvish Yadav Total Votes:-

Friends elvish yadav has got 208,272,113 votes. This is the first time in history that a wild card entry has got so many votes.

abhishek malhan Total Votes:-

Abhishek Malhan has got 196,628,442 votes. Had there been just a few more votes, Evlish would have become equal to Yadav. But it is known by seeing so many votes. The fan following of Abhishek Malhan is also very high.

Manisha Rani Total Votes:-

Friends manisha rani has got 38,79,405 votes and she deserves it too. He entertained people a lot, many people also supported him.

Pooja Bhatt Total Votes:-

Pooja Bhatt has got 97,344 votes.

Bebika Dhruve Total Votes:-

Pooja Bhatt has got 37,204 votes.

bigg boss ott winner 2023?

Friends, elvish yadav has got maximum votes in bigboos OTT, that’s why he won.

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