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Friends, you all know that today people are earning a lot of money from social media. Those who have talent are earning by showing their talent on social media. So if you are also thinking of earning from social media, then stay with us till the last in this amazing article of today. Today I am going to tell you about such a creator who earns a lot every month by making funny videos.

ark aadil background music?

Friends, if you run youtube, instagram or facebook then you must have seen ark aadil’s video somewhere. People like his videos the most and every video of his gets millions of views. They make funny videos in which they use Google Voice. Google Voice is made with funny type and by acting in it, we put some funny effects in the middle and last of the video. Due to which the video looks very amazing to watch. At present, he has 2 chaneels and he also has an account on instagram. There are millions of followers and sunscribers on each of their accounts. And by making videos of this type, they earn a lot every month.

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ark aadil background music download?

Friends, if you also want to make a video like ark Aadil, then read very carefully. ark Aadil first writes the script of the video, after that whatever words he needs in google voice, he pastes them on the website named (sound of text). That website converts the written words into google voice. and then downloads that google voice audio and add it to any app wherever the voice of google assistant is required in the video and then add some funny sound effects to it. By doing this, it saves the video and the video is created.

How to make video like ark Aadil?

Friends, how to make a video like ark aadil, I told you above step by step very well. But if you still do not understand, then I have also made a video on this topic. As I have told in the video, by doing this you can also make this type of video and you will find the link of this video below.

ark aadil sound effect download?

Friends, all the funny sound effects that ark Aadil uses in his videos, I have given the link below, you just have to click on the download button given below, as soon as you click, the sound effects will start downloading and then use them in your videos.

Download Ark Sound Effects

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