Lightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Download

Lightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Download : For Amazing Photos 2023

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Are you looking for Lightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Download , so don’t worry you are in the right place. Friends, after doing a lot of research, I have bought the best iPhone vivid filter for lightroom, which I am going to give you absolutely free. My name is anup sagar and I have been doing editing for the last 5 years and after a lot of research. I have come up with this article just for you. I hope after reading this article your problem will be completely solve. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. On that too a video editing video is uploaded everyday. channel name (Edit BY Anup Sagar).

Lightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Download

How to get iphone vivid filter on android?

Friends, you all will know that there is a lot of difference between the photo of android and the photo of iphone. Photos of iPhone look much better than android, but not everyone has an iPhone, so we need a filter that makes our android photo look like iphone. And we can do this only when we get iphone filter for android. So friends, today I am going to give you such an amazing and secret iPhone filter by which you can make your android photo like iphone. Now how to use this filter and in which app it will be added, I am going to tell you in the next article, so just stay with us till the last.

What Are iphone filters?

iPhone filters are built-in photo effects that you can use to enhance your images. These filters allow you to adjust the color, tone, and overall mood of your photos. With just a few taps, you can turn an ordinary photo into a masterpiece. Friends, the filter that I am going to give you is made for lightroom app, you will have to add it to lightroom, after that you can make your photo exactly like iphone in just one click.

How to Use iPhone Filters in Lightroom: A Step-by-Step Guide?

Friends, to use iphone vivid filter in lightroom app, first of all you have to download lightroom app which you can easily download from playstore. After downloading the app, now you have to edit your photo by adding iphone vivid filter to it.

1. Friends, first of all, open the lightroom app, then click on the (+) icon below. The gallery of your phone will open, from there you will have to select your normal photo and iphone vivid filter which I will give you and click on the option below (add), the photo and filter will be add to lightroom.

Lightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Download

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2. Then you have to click on the option with (all photos) and then click on filter, you will see (3 Dot) above, you have to click on them and then click on the option with (copy setting).

Lightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Download

3. After copying the setting of the filter, you have to go back and this time choose your photo, again click on tLightroom iPhone Vivid Filter Downloadhe upper (3dot) but this time you have to click on the option with (paste setting) automatic as soon as you click your normal photo iPhone As it will happen.

how to download iphone vivid filter for lightroom?

Friends, if you also want to download iphone vivid filter for lightroom app, then you can easily download it from the link given below and as I have told you step by step, by doing this you can make your normal photo like iphone. Are. Friends, I have worked very hard in this article, I have tried my best to explain you well, if you like it, then definitely give your feedback in the comment.

Lightroom Iphone Vivid Filter Download

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