Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template

Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template | Rawla Mandi Ai App (100% Viral Trend)

Video editing

Are you looking for How to edit rawla mandi ai video, so don’t worry you are in the right place.I will tell you the best way to edit it. With which application to edit this trending video, how to edit it, I am going to tell you everything in a simple way in this post, just stay with us till the end. My name is anup sagar and I have been doing editing for the last 5 years and after a lot of research. I have come up with this article just for you. I hope after reading this article your problem will be completely solve. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. On that too a video editing video is upload everyday. channel name (Edit BY Anup Sagar).

Rawala mandi ai?

You must know that the video of rawala mandi ai is getting viral everywhere on social media. Millions of views are going on Instagram because of this trend. Many people have gained millions of followers by making these trending videos. If you do not know, then I will tell you, in this trend, any place is shown and then its old scene is shown, which makes the video very amazing to watch, so if you also make this video and gain your followers. If you want to do it then stay with us till the end.

rawla mandi ai app?

Friends, to make rawla mandi ai trending video you will need photoleap app. Photoleap is a powerful AI photo editing app. In this you get many AI features, using which you can give creative and amazing look to any of your photos. You will get all the trending AI effects in it. You can remove any object from any of your photos. And you can enhance, colorize and change the background of the photo. Features like ai cartoon, ai comics, ai gaming, ai face mix, ai scenes, ai transform, text to image, ai room, ai anime, ai selfies, ai avatars are also available. You can download this app from playstore or app store.

How to edit rawla mandi ai video?

To create a video, you need to install an app called “Photoleap.” You can easily find this app for free on the Google Play Store or by using the link provided below. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it. If it’s your first time using the app, you’ll need to create an account using your Gmail ID. After that, the app will be set up, and you’ll be greeted with the standard interface.

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After that, you need to start a new project by tapping on the plus icon. Then, add all photos to the project. Once the photos is added, tap on the photo itself. Below it, you will find the AI effect option. Tap on it, and a list of options will appear. Select “AI scan” and numerous AI effects will become available. Apply any one effect to the photo. Repeat this process for all the photos in the same way.

Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template
Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template
Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template
Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template
Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template
Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template

To utilize the material, you’ll find an option below. By clicking on it, you can easily use the material on your mobile device. After that, to save the video, locate the download option above, click on it, and save the video from there.

Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template
Rawla Mandi Aai Capcut Template

Download Audio Video

Then, open the VN Video Editor app. The application will open before you. Next, initiate a new project by tapping on the plus icon and add the previously saved video. Play the video, and at the point where the photo changes, make a cut. You’ll find the cut option below. Similarly, cut the video at each point where the photo changes.

Now, let’s add music to the project. Click on the video and photo option on the screen, then select the music video from there. Once you’ve selected the music video, click on it, and you’ll see some options below. Choose “extract audio” to separate the music from the video. Afterward, delete the video by selecting the delete option below.

Now we have to add a normal photo. At the end, a plus icon will appear. Click on it and add your normal photo. After that, adjust all the photos in the music. For that, you have to set all the photos in front and back.

Now to adjust the photo in the music, you have to play the video and from where the music will change, you have to click on the photo and the length of the photo will be shortened. You have to adjust your photo in the music and you can do this in this way. You can make videos easily.

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